ShineDistrict was created in 2018. Our journey began with an idea to create unique artwork and to light up everyday life with something a bit ‘different’. We grew up in Poland, where the tradition of decorating streets and spots with traditional neons was quite strong. The notion of best designers creating concepts for city life was a big inspiration. We wanted to push this idea into new century, we searched for high-quality materials and solutions, we started to design projects and learn how to hand made them. Then, we wanted to share it with the world! We invite you to our world, let’s shine together!

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ShineDistrict started as my idea, but today my role is making sure that everything works on every possible level. I come up with solutions and make sure that your order ships to you smoothly. My favourite word is ‘optimalization’. In everyday life I enjoy food, good electronic music and some workout. I also work in AED company and make 3D models.

Mateusz Piotrowski

I’m probably the most sane one of us three. In ShineDistrict I’m curating finances, designing neons and keep watch over technical aspects. In my free time I watch anime and go to the raves.

Mateusz Jatczak

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Zacisze 50  05-800  Pruszków

VAT: PL5342627058


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